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Wilde was my great grandfather’s name. He immigrated from Eastern Europe as an acrobat in a traveling circus. While wandering the west, he met a Native American woman named Sarah and they started a family. I only saw it once, but I’ll never forget that sepia image—her beautiful black hair and piercing black eyes—his over-six-foot frame standing proudly by her side.


It sounds like the setup for a cinematic love saga, doesn’t it? But the rest of the story wasn’t passed down. The answers were buried with my grandmother. It’s a loose end in our family’s history, like an unsolved mystery that shrouds our identity.


Nothing bothers me more than an untold story. I’m determined to live one worth remembering—one retold through the eyes of others because they’ve been invited into the middle of it. The conviction sits deep inside me. Like a rudder on a ship, it guides my priorities and actions—from the way I do business to the way I raise my kids and love their mother.


I want to help leaders who share my values—those who are purpose-driven, community-oriented, family-focused and legacy-motivated. So, as a storyteller, marketer, and organizational strategist for over 12 years, (including both Marketing and Operations Executive roles), I’ve gathered the finest “ingredients” along the way and “baked” them into a clear 3-phase framework that builds an impossible-to-ignore brand and a sustainable marketing engine for your business.

Let’s shape a message and experience that will engage your customers, grow your business, and make a difference!

- Joe Courtney

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